Swapping illegal animal aphrodisiacs with a legal and sustainable one, a switch that will help our planet’s biodiversity and make everyone win


She Shou Tao is a range of products specially designed to directly impact the fight against illegal aphrodisiacs, protecting endangered species by diverting demand to a sustainable, natural solution: Chontaduro.

Chontaduro is widely considered to be Colombia’s “National Viagra” and the country’s best-selling street snack. By partnering with small farmers, we support the environmentally friendly practice of agroforestry and help maintain local communities.


Chontaduro is an aphrodisiac fruit so powerful that it’s often compared to Viagra. Proud inheritor of a strong Afro-Colombian tradition, this legendary fruit is the secret weapon of Latino lovers all over the American continent. Known as “The Bed-Breaker”, Chontaduro is a super-food, capable of delivering a boost of energy when you need it most, awakening your senses and re-invigorating your mojo. Chontaduro grows deep in the Colombian forests, sixty feet high on a palm tree that is completely covered by spines.



Ancient Amazonian tribes fermented drinks out of Chontaduro to increase their lust. Nowadays, modern Afro-Colombian communities still pay tribute to its properties and source it to produce this powerful drink. Mix it with the alcoholic beverage of your preference and make it a night to remember.


This massage oil is specially crafted out of mature Chontaduro seeds, a part of the fruit known for its strong aphrodisiac powers. A firm massage reactivates blood circulation and moisturizes skin. Apply it on any part of the body, and let the legend work for you.


A core part of our mission is to create positive social impact with our products. We source ingredients from communities and suppliers living in the margins of the global economy. African-Colombian communities in the Colombian Pacific are empowered as engines of growth on this supply chain, creating opportunities where there were none before.



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